Frequently Asked Questions

You may be able to represent yourself and/or your business before the IRS and the Department of Revenue.  However, hiring a qualified and experienced representative may help you save time, money and get the best resolution possible.  

Many of the people and businesses that I have represented came to me after trying to handle their tax problems on their own with less than optimal results.  You should consider hiring a representative if:

  • You owe $10,000 or more;
  • You want professional guidance and representation; and/or
  • You do not want to deal directly with the IRS and the Department of Revenue. 

No.  Do not be misled by tax professionals who promise a particular outcome.  No one can guarantee a particular outcome.  

What I can guarantee is that I am qualified to represent you before the IRS and the Department of Revenue and I will use my years of education and experience to fight for your rights and to get the best resolution possible.   

No.  I focus exclusively on representing individuals and businesses before the IRS and the Department of Revenue.  Preparing tax returns is quite different than representing a taxpayer before the IRS or the Department of Revenue.  As an attorney, I have been trained to advocate for my clients.

I stand ready to provide referrals for accountants should you need tax preparation services.

It depends.  Each case is different.  The amount of time each case takes may be based, in part, upon me, you, your accountant, and the IRS and/or the Department of Revenue.  I have years of experience in dealing with tax matters and work effectively and efficiently.  However, I have no control over you, your accountant, the IRS or the Department of Revenue.

Each case is different.  I charge flat fees in nearly all cases.  

The amount of the legal fees is based upon the facts and circumstances of each case and the work to be performed.  Before I begin working on a case, I require a face-to-face meeting or in-depth teleconference with each potential client.  The purpose of the meeting is to evaluate the tax situation and determine if it is appropriate to work together.  At the end of the meeting, we will know the amount of the legal fees in the case.

If you owe money to the IRS or the Department of Revenue, these agencies may be able to take your assets including, but not limited to, your vehicles, real property and the money in your bank accounts, investment accounts and retirement accounts.

  • Experience – for approximately 6 years, attorney Gregory Dzialo has successfully represented taxpayers regarding IRS and Department of Revenue matters both big and small.  
  • Transparency – Prior to becoming a client of GMD Tax Law, you will know what costs will be associated with your case and what work will be performed.  As a client of GMD Tax Law, you will always be informed about your case and anticipated outcomes.
  • Accessibility – As a client of GMD Tax Law, you will be able to call and speak directly with the person who is working on your case.  You will get a timely response to any voicemail message, email, text message, letter or note.
  • Education – Attorney Gregory M. Dzialo earned a J.D., from The John Marshall Law School and a Masters in Tax Law from The Boston University School of Law.  He stays up to date on changes to tax law and agency procedures to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.