Get legal help for your tax problems 

GMD Tax Law of Massachusetts is a law firm that resolves tax issues including: back taxes, IRS notices, IRS letters, tax liens, wage levies or garnishments, bank levies, penalty abatement, unfiled tax returns, Trust Fund Recovery Penalty matters, Notices of Deficiency, DOR notices, DOR letters, Offers in Compromise, innocent spouse relief, installment agreements, financial hardships, tax appeals, Offers in Final Settlement and more.  

Dealing with tax problems can be stressful, strain relationships and are time consuming.  Whether you are dealing with business tax problems or personal tax problems, Attorney Gregory M. Dzialo will work to reach the best resolution possible for you.  Your case will receive the same level of detail whether you owe $10,000 or $10,000,000 in back taxes!

If you have a tax problem and you need help, contact GMD Tax Law today for a FREE consultation! Call 617.237.6347 or email Attorney Gregory Dzialo today at to get started today.

Start taking control of your tax problems today.

Contact GMD Tax Law if you are interested in:

  • Understanding how much you owe and why;
  • Reducing your balance owed;
  • Protecting your assets and your bank accounts;
  • Preventing/removing wage garnishments, bank levies and liens; and
  • Resolving your tax problems.
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